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TEACH: Empowering Nations to Elevate Teaching Quality and Transform Education

Empowering Education: Nurturing Lifelong Learners for a Brighter Future

What is 21st Century Skills in Education?

Fostering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Every Classroom for Empowered Futures

Think Equal: Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives

Empowering the Future: Transforming Education with Teach2030

Explore the World of Creativity and Innovation at Firki.co

Turning Students Into Bold Historical Thinkers

Unlocking the Power of Learning: Khan Academy, where knowledge knows no boundaries

Teacher online training

"Transforming Education for a Sustainable Future - Teach2030: Empowering Minds, Shaping Tomorrow"

"Firki.co: Unleash Your Imagination and Explore a World of Creativity"

"Unlocking Global Development: Comprehensive Coach Tools and Resources from The World Bank"

"Empowering Educators, Inspiring Learners: Discover Effective Strategies at Edutopia.org"

Project-based learning

Empowering Education for a Brighter Future

Unlocking Creativity and Critical Thinking: A Guide to Project-Based Learning

Empowering Students through Project-Based Learning: Unlocking Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking!

Unlock the World: Connect, Learn, and Inspire with PenPal Schools!

teacher tech resources

Empower your team with Google Workspace: Boosting productivity and collaboration to new heights!

Unlocking Boundless Learning Opportunities with Google for Educators

Empower Students with Digital Literacy: Unlocking the Pathway to Success

Microsoft Education

Unlocking the Power of Education with Mrs. Alice Keeler's Playlists!

Empower Yourself with Microsoft Education: Explore the Educator Center and Unlock Limitless Learning Opportunities

Unlock Your Learning Potential with TeachMeUK: A World of Knowledge Awaits!


"Unlock the Digital World: Discover the Latest Innovations at FB Get Digital!"

"Unleash the Power of Digital Thinking with WeThinkDigital!"

"Unlock the Power of a Safer Internet with Google's Be Internet Awesome!"

"Embark on an Epic Digital Adventure with Interland - Empowering Kids to Be Internet Awesome!"

"Empowering Digital Citizens: Navigating the Online World with Common Sense."


"Unlocking the World of Art and Culture: Your Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Museum Resources"

"Unlocking Knowledge: Empowering Education through Open Educational Resources"

"Unlocking Minds: Explore, Discover, Learn on TED-Ed"

"Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds: Explore the World of Learning with Khan Academy"

"Unlock the Wonders of Knowledge at the Smithsonian Learning Lab"

"Unlock the Beauty of Human Creativity: Explore the World of Arts and Culture on Google"

"Unlocking the World of Knowledge: Discover the Treasures of Literature at Gutenberg.org"

"Unlocking the World of Learning: Discover, Engage, and Excel with Concord"

"Discover the Fascinating World of Biology at BioInteractive.org"

"Unveiling Nature's Wonders: Embark on a Captivating Virtual Journey at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History"

"Discover the Future: Unleashing Innovation at MIT"


"Empowering Minds, Nurturing Futures: Official Website of the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka"

"Empowering Education: Unveiling Insights and Statistics"

"Nurturing Excellence in Education: Unlocking Potential at NIE"

"Empowering Excellence: Explore the NEC for cutting-edge knowledge and innovation."

"Unlocking the World of Learning: Discover, Engage, and Excel with Concord"

"Unlocking Boundless Connections: Explore Without Borders"

"Empowering Communities, Enriching Lives: Join the Avinya Foundation's Journey of Impact"

"Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives: Sarvodaya"

"Transforming Lives, Empowering Communities: World Vision Sri Lanka"

"Empowering Global Changemakers: AIESEC Sri Lanka"

"Embracing Diversity, Empowering Unity: Sri Lanka Unites"


"Empowering Education Innovations Worldwide: Discover the Hundred.org Difference"

"Improve your education with GPE"