Empowering Sri Lanka’s Youth: A necessity for developing the nation

A nation’s youth are an important demographic for any country, irrespective of its stage of development. Today 4 in 10 people (globally) are under 25 years of age. Sadly, 72 million of these working-age, young adults around the globe are unemployed. Population growth in South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa has been increasing over the years. Alongside population increases come numerous challenges associated with resource optimization and inclusive development. 

When looking at the future and the next few decades in particular, the issues and challenges that the youth of Sri Lanka will have to face are going be much different than previous decades. Global challenges such as climate change, food and water security, threats of international warfare (including extremism), health issues, income inequality and unemployment are all going to impact our youth as well. The question that needs to be answered therefore, is whether the youth of our country are equipped to meet these challenges confidently from a mindset perspective and whether they are armed with the skills, resources and support required to derive innovative solutions to overcome such challenges. If youth are to be a pivotal element in the development of Sri Lanka, then they have to be given a platform, necessary support, and encouragement to effectively deal with future challenges. 

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