Joining Teach First Sri Lanka means you’ll be making
a difference in the lives of thousands of children. As a TFSL Member, you’re supporting passionate, dedicated young leaders working to ensure all Sri Lankan children have access to a high-quality education.

Membership offers unique opportunities to engage with local stakeholders and contribute directly toward the success of individual schools/students.


As a member, you join a movement of like-minded people from around the world. An opportunity to connect with a diverse community of educators, volunteers, and advocates who share your passion for improving education. Join in virtual workshops with our Fellows and even visit their classrooms! You’ll enjoy extensive networking opportunities and participate in exclusive events. Be part of the Conversation!


We embody life-long learning. As a member, you gain access to workshops, webinars, and professional development programs offering the chance to learn from global experts in the field of education, gain valuable insights into classroom best practices and support for implementing innovative instructional approaches. In addition to receiving our monthly thought-provoking newsletter Reforming SL Education you gain access to TFSL’s Data Dashboard.


Everyone has the potential to be a leader. Members can join our Council of Management and participate in quarterly strategic reviews. If you’d like to take an even more active role in supporting our mission, you’ll have multiple opportunities to provide leadership. Whether that’s serving on a Board Committee or leading a school-related project, your membership improves student outcomes while augmenting your ability to be a changemaker in your community.


Giving back to your community through education is a life-changing experience. Having a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children, provides a sense of purpose and unparalleled personal fulfilment. Become part of a community that embodies life-long learning – providing opportunities to develop valuable skills, such as leadership, empathy, and resilience at any age.


Voting Membership (Sri Lankan Citizens Only)

Annual Renewal

LKR 150,000

LKR 50,000

Non-Voting Membership (All Nationalities)

LKR 50,000

(no annual renewal)

School/Child Sponsor (All Nationalities)

Any denomination