Teach First Sri Lanka thanks all our partners for their generous contributions in pursuit of our shared goal.

Child Action Lanka

Teach First Sri Lanka partnered with Child Action Lanka for a One-Year Fellowship program in the Batticaloa West Education Zone. Child Action Lanka has a centre in Batticaloa supporting rural communities with basic needs, including an after-school program with 650 weekly attendees. Their mission is to empower disadvantaged children and promote their basic needs, rights, and interests.

Education Forum Sri Lanka

EFSL is an independent media platform that works with TFSL to promote education reform by engaging with experts and stakeholders from various sectors. Through webinars and workshops, we're creating an online community of local school stakeholders to explore ideas for change and transform education.

Eastern University

Located in the Eastern Province it is one of 15 state universities in Sri Lanka. With approximately 7500 students, the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a range of subjects, including Arts, Management, Science, Agriculture, Health Sciences, Engineering, and Technology. TFSL is working with the Eastern University in support of the five nearby school communities by recruiting Fellows from its graduates and other academic institutions within its network, and leveraging their existing programs.

Helping Wings

Helping Wings, founded by three high-achieving students from Oddamavadi central, began with a simple act of kindness towards a girl in a neighbouring school. They raised funds and provided her grandmother with the necessary tools to start a small business selling hoppers. Today, the community-driven organization has expanded its efforts to support local businesses, conduct workshops, and raise funds for various causes. Their dedication has earned them the support of notable organizations such as Sri Lanka Unites and IREX. Helping Wings is helping TFSL with on-the-ground information gathering and multimedia support.

AIESEC Sri Lanka

AIESEC Sri Lanka is a dynamic youth-led organization dedicated to fostering leadership skills in young individuals through professional development and cultural exchange programmes. As a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of higher education institutions, AIESEC Sri Lanka has empowered over a million young people. Their mission is to promote diversity, collaboration, and understanding among young people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, with a view to making a positive impact on society. As part of their "Global Classroom" initiative, AIESEC Sri Lanka will be providing Teach First SL with global volunteers for the Pilot project to support the fellows on the ground.